15 Delicious Food you must Taste in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers stunning varieties of dishes from street food to five start restaurants. Visitors can choose from variety of different spices and flavors in food. That is why we have selected some of the best dishes according to us especially for our readers so that all of you can know that Hong Kong is not just a beautiful place to visit but it will also offer delicious food for your appetite.

  1. KauKee Beef Brisket (记牛腩)

KauKee Beef Brisket is one of the best brisket I have ever tasted so far. This dish is cooked with different spices in a broth slowly so that its beautiful tender flavor can make you fall in love with it almost instantly when you take your first bite. And maybe that is the reason when you go to this place you will notice a long queue of customers.

When you get to this place please do not forget to try out divinely rich curry sauce, curry tendon beef brisket, and Rendon beef biscuit. You will be thankful to yourself that you tried those dishes.

Address : 21 Gough Street, Central

Opening Hours :Mon to Sat 12.30pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Sunday)

What to Order :  Curry Beef Tendon Noodle & Beef Brisket Noodle

Getting There : Central MTR

Price : Around USD5 / SGD7 / RM19 per person

  1. Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

Australian Dairy Co. is one of the best place if you want to have a flavor rich and affordable breakfast in Hong Kong style.

But let me warn you that this is not a place if you want to have a couple of coffee and enjoy the evening with your friend. It is a very busy place which offers you good quality food in affordable price.

The restaurant staff is blazingly fast and accurate when it comes to delivering the food at your table. And when you get your scrambled egg on your table and you take the first bite of it with the softer inside crispier outside crust toast, you are just going to love it. You can also order some traditional Hong Kong Tea or creamy custard milk to fresh yourself up.

Address : 47 Parkes Street, Jordan


Opening Hours :Friday to Wed 7.30am – 11.00pm (Closed on Thursday)

What to Order :Scramble eggs with toast (炒蛋多士), Ham Macaroni (正叉燒通粉), Steam Milk(炖奶)

Getting There : Jordon MTR – Exit C2 ( Right ). Walk ahead to the junction and then turn right.

Price : Around USD5 / SGD7 / RM17 per person

  1. Tim Ho Wan (添好运) – 1 Michelin Star 2015

The 1 Michelin Star Tim Ho Wan is definitely not a place to miss if you ever visit Hong Kong. This place serves the best dim sum at a very affordable price.

Mr. MakPuiGor started this place as being the former dim sum master at the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant so that common people can have rich experience of food and taste the fine flavors of dim sum.

This is a crowded place because they serve such good food. And therefore when you go to this place inform the lady at the counter about your order as soon as you decide it because a long queue will already be waiting for their order. To minimize the waiting time you can try avoiding lunch and dinner time or the weekends.


Opening Hours : Daily 10am to 10pm

What to Order :酥皮焗叉烧包( Baked Bun with Barbecue Pork ), 晶莹鲜虾饺 ( Steamed Fresh Shrimp Dumpling ), 杞子桂花糕 (KwaiFah Gou), 鲜虾烧卖皇(Steamed Pork Dumpling with Shrimp), 菲黄鲜虾粉 ( Vermicelli Roll stuffed with Shrimp ), 腊味萝卜糕(Pan Fried Turnip Cake ), 马来糕 (Malay Cake)

Getting There :

  1. Sam Shui Po Main- G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Hong Kong (Sham Shui Po MTR)
  2. Central Branch – Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station Podium Level 1, IFC Mall , Central, Hong Kong (Hong Kong MTR)

Price : Around USD9 / RM33 / SGD12 per person

  1. Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家)


Tai Cheong Bakery is creating a legendary tea time stories since half a century with their dedication. The tasty egg tarts as well as other offerings are a must try. The delicious taste of the Egg Tart made the former British Governor a fan of this place. Therefore don’t forget to try it hot from the oven!

Address : 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central


Opening Hours : 7.30am to 9.00pm

What to Order 蛋挞  ( Egg Tart )

Getting There : Central MTR – Exit D2.

Take the elevator up to the Mid-Levels. You’ll see an “exit” for Lyndhurst Terrace. Tai Cheung Bakery will be situated on the right when you go down the stairs.

Price : Around USD10 / SGD14 / RM35 per person

  1. YatLok Roast Goose (乐烧鹅) – 1 Michelin Star 2015


YatLok Roast Goose is the place that serves food which is deliciously perfected by their experienced chefs. The food is just made perfect with the right amount of fat & meat with the perfect crispiness to support the flavor. And when you take the first bite of the juicy roast goose drumsticks you feel god like.


Address : 34-38 Stanley St, Hong Kong


Opening Hours : 7.30am to 9.00pm

What to Order : Roast Goose Drumstick with noodle or rice

Getting There :  Central D2 – From Queens St walk across the road toward D’Aguilar Street and turn right into Stanley Street. Walk past Luk Yu restaurant.

Price : Below USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. KamWah Cafe (金華冰廳)


If you are looking for a place to have Pineapple Buns in Hong Kong than KamWah Cafe is the place to look for. They serves the best pineapple buns in Hong Kong. The bun is also known as Bo La Bao and it do not have pineapple in it but the top crust of the bun is resembling to the pineapple fruit.

When they serve the crispy golden brown crust with soft bread that is made with a lot of butter that melts in your mouth, you will surely ask for another one.


Address :  47 Bute Street, Prince Edward


Opening Hours : Daily 6.30am to 11.30pm

What to Order : Bo Lo Bao aka Pineapple Bun (菠蘿包)

Getting There :  Mongkok MTR – Exit B1 / Prince Edward MTR – Exit B2

Price : Around USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園)


YatLok Roast Goose which is located in offbeat alley is very famous for its legendary silky smooth stroking milk tea. This is a personal favorite of locals and tourists.

This was all started with a street cart in 1952 and today Lan Fong Yuen makes the best pantyhose milk tea in Hong Kong. The chicken chop macaroni is also a must try dish here.


Address : 2 Gage Street, Central


Opening Hours : 7.30am to 5.00pm / the branch few units beside open till 11pm

What to Order Milk Tea (奶茶) & Chicken Chop Macaroni (王牌鸡扒通粉)

Getting There :Central MTR –  Exit D2. Walk towards the Central Mid Level Escalator on Queens Street.

Price : Around USD5 / SGD7 / RM18 per person

  1. Mak’s Noodle (奀雲吞麵世家)


Mak’s noodle serves probably the best shrimp wanton in Hong Kong. Every single bite of the wanton will make you crave for another. The delicious firmness and blend of flavors it sprinkles in your mouth is just amazing.

Whenever you visit Hong Kong do visit Mak’s Noodle and you will surely not be disappointed.


Address : 77, Wellington Street, Central


Opening Hours : Daily 11am to 9pm

What to Order 世家云吞面 (Shrimp Wanton Noodle),首创鲜虾云吞 ( Shrimp Wanton )

Getting There : Central MTR –  Exit D2. Walk towards the Central Mid Level Escalator on Queens Street. Less hassle this way.

Price : Around USD6 / SGD8 / RM20 per person

  1. King of Coconut (椰汁大王)


When you are wandering on the street of the Hong Kong gazing through the beauty of the beautiful culture of the city and its colorful nature, a refreshing coconut juice is a must have.

The king of coconut serves a very refreshing coconut juice blended with fresh evaporated milk. The texture of the drink is very rich and creamy and buttery.


Address :G/F, Dundas Square, 43H Dundas Street, MongKok


Opening Hours : 10am to 9.00pm

What to Order Coconut Juice

Getting There :Yau Ma Teh MTR – A2 Exit. Near Ladies Street opposite Starbucks.

Price : Around USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. (龍津美食)


Here is the Hong Kong’s most famous and iconic snack. The Curry ball is cheap and tasty and it is just located after the king of coconut shop. Therefore you can enjoy this curry balls with a refreshing coconut drink.

Address :G/F, Dundas Square, 43D Dundas Street, MongKok


Opening Hours : 10am to 9.00pm

What to Order Curry Fish Ball

Getting There :Yau Ma Teh MTR – A2 Exit. Near Ladies Street opposite Starbucks.

Price : Around USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. 民声冰


Every restaurant has a signature dish that no one can cook batter then them. And same goes with this small restaurant. Salted Egg with Steam Minced Meat Tower paired with rise is the most favorite among the locals. As a tourist and an egg lover I can only say one thing about this one is that I cannot stop eating this deliciously cooked wonder.


Address :16 WunSha St, Hong Kong


Opening Hours : Daily 11:00-22:00

What to Order  Salted Egg with Steam Minced Meat Tower (咸蛋蒸肉饼)

Getting There :Tin Hou MTR – Exit B (8 mins walk)

Price : Around USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. Sun Kee (新記芝士麵)


What we all expect from an instant noodle? May be nothing much I think. But the story is very much different here in Hong Kong, Sun Kee has taken the instant noodle thing to a next level. Instant noodle with a creamy cheesy sauce and smacking grilled pork cheek is definitely something you would crave for.

Even though it tastes so good you might feel the lack of presentation in the dish but you cannot find batter pork cheek than Sun Kee.


Address :3 Burrows Street, Wan Chai


Opening Hours : Daily 7.30am to 11.00pm

What to Order Cheese Noodle with Pork Cheek

Getting There :Wan Chai MTR – A4 Exit

Price : Around USD3 / SGD4 / RM10 per person

  1. Man Fai Chiu Chow Noodle (文輝墨魚丸大王)


Man Fai has made its name on the list with their multiple specialties like baby squids, octopus head, and cuttlefish ball. You can order it separately or in a bowl with clear broth and rice noodles. Order it your way because in the end you will leave this restaurant totally satisfied.


Address : 22-24 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay


Opening Hours : Daily 8.00am to 2.00am

What to Order :紫菜八宝

Getting There :Causeway Bay MTR – Exit F1

Price : Around USD10 / SGD14 / RM35 per person

  1. Yee Shun Dairy (義順牛奶公司)


Yee Shun Dairy is very famous for their fragrant milk custard. This steamed blend milk with egg white and the right amount of sugar makes it a perfect desert. The creamy texture and perfect sweetness makes this place so special.

There are variety of different flavors available for customers. This is the desert you should try after a long stressful day to remind yourself that there is still something good left in the end.


Address :

  1. 513 Nathan Road, Hong Kong 油麻地彌敦道513號地下 – Yau Ma Teh MTR – B1 Exit
  2. 506 Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道506號 – Causeway Bay MTR – C Exit

Opening Hours : Daily 12.00pm to 12.00am

What to Order  Doubled Boiled Steam Milk (双皮奶) & Steam Milk with Ginger Juice (巧手姜汁炖鲜奶)

Price : Around USD5 / SGD7 / RM18 per person

  1. Lee Keung Kee North Point Eggette (记北角鸡蛋仔)


Lee Keung Kee is a hard place to miss with all the celebrities pictured with their iconic honeycomb shaped egg waffles. This waffles are very popular among the locals. The thick texture and crisp around the edges with fluffy insides gives you a totally different food experience and you will surely like it.


Address :492 King’s Rd, Hong Kong


Opening Hours : 7.30am to 9.00pm

What to Order  Egg Puff or Eggette (鸡蛋仔)

Getting There :North Point MTR – B3 Exit

Price : Around USD1.50 / SGD2 / RM6 per person


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