Feel the New Yorker vibe at Brooklyn bar & grill

Clienteles of assured old-fashioned will love the soundtrack of Billy Joel, Queen, and Bruce Springsteen on spin at this New York style gastro pub. The happy hour is hosted there from 4 to 7 pm which explains the classic vibe we felt when we arrived there at 6:30 pm.

The place is small, however after the happy hour multitude bit by bit floated elsewhere, we were able to taste some dishes without jolting into other patrons. Brooklyn bar is mostly known for its wines and beers but food here is also very good.

We ordered steamed blue mussels in a garlic infused cream sauce. The cream sauce was not too heavy or thick, we couldn’t find much of garlic in there but mussels were juicy and plumy.


Dried chicken sandwich arrived right after that in a brioche bun. It was so lofty and large, we marveled whose mouth would be giant enough to take a bite of this thing. The huge shape of this chicken sandwich left us no choice but to eat it in parts. The chicken was although good, not too oily and was buttered and lightly deep fried. With cabbage came lean meat and tomato, a sriracha aioli mayonnaise, and sweet gherkins. And just like the trim fries it was delicious.

Then came thetruffled pepperoni pizza with sprinkled oregano. The huge pizza made us feel that they should buy some bigger tables there. With a substantial amount of cheese made every bite delightful.


After all this eating we were quite full therefore we look for deserts and there were two choices in the list: chef Ayin’s seasonal dessert and New York cheesecake. And you know when cheese cake is on the list who needs something else.

The first bite of the cheesecake gave us very smooth feel but it was missing some Graham cracker crust which could gave the desert a batter texture. But it was good and you definitely should try it out.


Most of the other customers comes here just to drink which is why the owner seemed happy to see us taking bites and he offered us two slices dripped in chocolate sauce with slices of raspberries, blueberries, and banana on the house. Those two mercifully small slices was on the house.

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