Galaxy Note 7 production suspended

World’s largest smartphone company Samsung has suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7 phone because of many battery explosions and there are also reports that says that major distributors overseas has stopped replacement of the faulty device.

Samsung has muted itself and denied to comment on the halting production matter. But, they indeed said that they have halted the production temporarily for the safety of consumers and this decision was made in cooperation with consumer safety regulators of United States, China, and South Korea.

On 2nd September they decided to halt the production temporarily and they are also recalling the units that has been reported to face a battery explosion for the purpose of investigating the issue and consumer safety.

The recall of units and halted production has made a big dent on the pride of the smartphone maker that presents itself as an innovation icon. Several images of brunet phones has flooded social media and there are also reports that says one of the device has emitted smoke on a plane. The United States authorities evacuated the Southwest Airlines flight last week because of the accident.

The authorities have reported that the Samsung device started making popping noise and smoking just after the owner borded the flight and switched off the device.

The owner Brian Green said that he picked up the device as a replacement from an AT&T retailer on September 21. The first device was replaced as Samsung called a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 device. Samsung has promised that replacement models are safe to use yet a phone smoked and popped even when it was switched off indicated a big safety issues in this particular model.

AT&T and T-Mobile said that they are halting pending replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. They also said that they would offer their customers another device of their choice.

Despite of the halted production and recall of the devices Samsung foretasted operating profit for the third quarter which is up to $2 Billion according to analysts.


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