Hong Kong independence protest led by banned election candidates

Many candidates have been banned from participating in elections of Hong Kong. According to the government, these candidates were advocating a split from mainland China and not only this but they were also leading a pro-independence rally in the city.

In total five candidates has been rejected. These were pro-independence candidates and wanted to register in the election. Election commission rejected their request and said that it’s against Hong Kong’s mini constitution.

Critics have knocked the move as censorship as fears propagate over Beijing snooping in the semi-independent city in a variety of areas, from education to politics and media.

Thousands of supporters have gathered in the park near government’s harbor front headquarters in the evening of the past Friday.

They were seemed calmed and were sitting on the grass holding the hordings while the activists were speaking.

They commended as banned candidate Edward Leung, the leader of a new party Hong Kong Indigenous who is currently gaining a rising following.

“Hong Kong’s sovereignty does not belong to [Chinese President] Xi Jinping, does not belong to the authorities, and does not belong to the Hong Kong government. It belongs to the Hong Kong people,” Mr Leung said.

“Day by day our human rights … are taken away by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese government,” Protester Satomi Cheng told reporters.

Some recognized that independence was a duct dream in the face of a powerful Beijing, but said the city was running out of options.

“China has destroyed Hong Kong politics … we are supporting freedom and democracy,” said student Clayton Chow.

Andy Chan, who is the leader of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party and was disqualified candidate, said “the rally was a chance to talk about the future.”

“We don’t want people to get hurt or arrested, so we want to start with a public meeting and hopefully it will be a healthy path for us to get stronger,” he said.


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