Joshua Wong found guilty of unlawful assembly in Hong Kong

Three involved in illegal “Occupy Central” of the main student leaders – Hong Kong “Zhongzhi” the Secretary-General Joshua Wong, Chairman of Luoguan Cong and the former Hong Kong Federation of Students (IUS) The Secretary-General Zhou Yongkang, suspected of the year before last September 26 to enter the Hong Kong SAR East Wing, Central Government Offices ago, the four counts charged, the case ruled in Hong Kong Eastern Magistracy today (21 May).

Joshua Wong and Zhou Yongkang convicted of “participating in illegal assembly,”Luoguan Cong convicted of “inciting others to engage in illegal gatherings” guilty, the court adjourned to August 15 sentencing.

According to Radio Television Hong Kong news, the magistrate Zhang Tianyan in deciding said Joshua Wong, Zhou Yongkang and other members of the public to climb the fence and push the gate into the east wing of the frontal behavior is disorderly and intimidating, it could lead to anyone “reasonably fear “and assembled will commit a breach of the peace, it will stimulate others to take the breach of the peace, and therefore ruled that the two men” involved in illegal gathering “guilty.

Court ruling also said that Luoguan Cong speak on stage is incitement, intent to incite those present to act according to his words, if people speak to act in accordance with its present, those who constitute disorderly behavior and intimidating.

It is worth noting that this year Luoguan Cong Legislative Council general election, candidates on Hong Kong Island.

September 26, 2014, Hong Kong Student groups’ Scholarism “started one-day school students strike action, in the Legislative Council open meeting Tim Mei Avenue.After dark, the students gathered outside the government headquarters, sudden students climb over the fence into the civic plaza government headquarters, “Scholarism” convener Joshua Wong arrested.Luoguan Cong and Zhou Yongkang, who are the main student leaders.

According to Hong Kong “POO” involving unlawful assembly or intent to incite illegal assembly charges, a conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

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