Liquid cocaine with an estimated street value of HK$15.7 million was found concealed in the hollow centres of 98 dragon fruits arriving at the airport from South America, customs officers revealed on Wednesday

For the first time in two decades drug cartels camouflaged liquid cocaine in fruits. This drug shipment was discovered in Hong Kong.

A team of custom officers spent more than 4 hours checking and opening 160 fruit boxes containing around 2,000 dragon fruits one by one on Tuesday at Hong Kong International Airport. The checking has been done after two days of arrival of the air cargo from Colombia via Britain.

A source described camouflage method to be “sophisticated” and “innovative” and said that “Part of the fruit layer was peeled off and pulp was removed before liquid cocaine was injected into the hollow center and the layer glued back on.”

“From appearance, it was hard to distinguish the ones concealing illegal drugs. Officers had to inspect them one by one.”

The source also mentioned that 98 dragon fruits were containing drugs and were spread in 50 different boxes among the normal fruits.

“Each dragon fruit carried about 130 grams of liquid cocaine. A total of 15kg of liquid cocaine was seized inside the 98 fruits. The haul has an estimated street value of HK$15.7 million,” the source mentioned.

On Tuesday night, a lorry driver has been arrested while trying to pick up the delivery at the airport’s cargo terminal.

Another source informed us that the customs are investigating that if the cargo was intended for local depletion or to be exported elsewhere.

The reason for inspecting the cargo was that usually when fresh fruits arrive from overseas, they were picked up on the same day.

The confiscation came after a several drug related arrests in the city. Previously on Saturday, 17 candles cloaked of 1 kg of cocaine has been found by custom officers. These candles were parceled from Brazil via airmail. On Tuesday officers busted another 1 kg cocaine and also arrested three women in a Yau Ma Tei flat. Total amount of the bust is about HK$2 million.

Custom officers also arrested a 21 year old man at the airport who was arriving from Brazil via Dubai and carrying 2.1 kg cocaine in a hidden compartment in his suitcase.

Another drag of around HK$7.71 million has been captured by the narcotics department separately. The narcotics department has arrested two men travelling with 5 kg of crack cocaine on Hanoi Road in TsimShaTsui on Tuesday.


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