Pokémon Go is live in Hong Kong

The augmented reality smartphone game that has taken the world by strom Pokémon Go, is now officially available in Hong Kong from today.

In Asia Hong Kong is the second city where this game has been officially launched after the launch in Japan previous Friday.

This augmented reality game has been developed by a US-based company named Niantic. And after the launch this game has gain widespread popularity all over the globe. This game was first launched on 6th July in the US, Australia and New Zealand. After that it has been released to Germany, France, and Europe including UK.

Pokémon Go is a location based game which is very much similar to the Nintendo’s Game Boy version. Now people in Hong Kong can hunt for Pokémon by following map in the game and can battle and trade their Pokémon with other players.

Another good news is for Pokémon Go players is that mobile service providers 1010 and CSL will give free unlimited data to play the game to their users. Data used in the game will not affect users monthly data caps.

The Japanese company who has the Pokémon franchise is facing a drop in their share price of 18 percent on Monday and they have warned that Pokémon Go would not have much impact on company’s finance.


Sensor Tower the market intelligence company has estimated last week that the augmented reality game has already generated revenue of 35 million US dollars and has been downloaded over 30 million times around the globe. This game allows user to buy Pokécoins which is a digital currency in the game through which one can enhance powers of Pokémon and more.

NetDragonWebsoft who is a Chinese game developer has extended its relly  and jumped 3 percent to HK$27.6 on Monday noon. Another company named Sunny Optical Technology, who manufactures optical components for smartphone also experienced a gain of 1.3 percent to HK$31.

Where other companies like Boyaa Interactive International and IGG went down by 0.3 percent and 0.8 percent respectively and they are currently trading at HK$3.14 and HK$3.54.

Lenovo Group also has halted three weeks of gain and recoiled 2.1 percent to HK$5.17. They also have announced that they are planning to launch an augmented reality game knows as iDreamSky by the end of the year.

Bryan Ma who is a vice president devices research at marketing firm IDC said, “Pokémon Go has significantly raised awareness of augmented reality in the mass market and it could be a game changer.”

He added that “It is a game that went viral, but the impact is that it is giving the entire augmented reality industry a big shot in the arm.”

“Augmented reality has applications ranging anywhere from military use to interior design,” he added. “It’s likely that we’ll see a lot more developers fiddling with it.”

He said geocaching – a technology enabling players to see Pokémon superimposed on everyday objects – is key to the game’s popularity.

In Pokémon Go players can use their phone’s Global Positioning System to explore areas around. They can seek for locations listed as Pokémon Gyms where they can battle with their Pokémon through which players can collect free game items and can gain experience.

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