Two Hongkongers injured by axe-wielding Afghan in Germany are fighting for their lives, doctor says

Near the German city of Wurzburg, two men from Hong Kong has been critically injured by an axe-wielding Afghan refugee and fighting for their life.

Hospital director and head of the internal medical department at the University Hospital of Wurzburg Dr. Georg Ertl said, “Unfortunately the patients are still in a severe condition. Of course we hope they will survive but their condition is life threatening,”

Dr. Ertl also added that“the two men showed no signs of improving. One of them had sustained a severe head injury while the other had serious injuries to his abdomen.”

As per the doctor these two victims has to be in the hospital for weeks or maybe for months because complications might happen as the injuries are sevier.

The doctor said that this kind of attack is very shocking and rare as Wurzburg is a rural town located near Frankfurt.

During the attack which was happened on Monday night, four people were injured – an unnamed married couple, their 26-year-old daughter Tracy YauHiu-tung and her 31-year-old boyfriend Edmund Au Yeung.

The husband and Au Yeung were fighting for their lives.

On Monday the mugger was shot dead by German police as he escaped the scene of the attack.

Medical staff at the Wurzburg hospital said “We would not expect such an attack in a small town,” one member of staff said, describing the area as a “quiet” one.

“Hurting Hong Kong people does not make any sense to us. Apparently the guy wanted to hurt us, the Germans, or maybe Westerners. I do not understand why he attacked your people. I feel deeply sorry.”

On Wednesday morning the family of the victims have arrived in Frankfurt and rushed to the three hospitals where their beloved are receiving treatment.

The two victims has deep neck, head, hand, and abdominal injuries after trying to protect others from the attacker.

 Yau’s sister Sylvia and her husband, as well as the mother and sister of Au Yeung, met vice-consul general Xing Weiping of the Chinese consulate in Frankfurt, edged by several German police officers, after a long 12-hour flight from Hong Kong escorted by Immigration Department officers.

Then the relatives were escorted to the hospitals by car.


The four victims of the attack had traveled to Germany after appearing in the wedding of another daughter of theirs in Britain.

They boarded a regional train in the town of Treuchtlingen and were near Wurzburg in the state of Bavaria when the Afghan refugee, who had arrived in Germany two years prior, started attacking ­passengers armed with an axe.

German authorities have identified a young man shown in a video released by the so-called Islamic State group as the attacker.

In the video the youth urged others to kill “infidels”.

In Hong Kong, chief imam for the city Muhammad Arshad said “The attacker had defamed Islam and that the Islamic community in the city was praying for the injured.”

“Hong Kong people are our brothers and sisters. I am in shock and in grief. I am praying for them, and the whole community is praying for them,” he continued.

“On Nathan Road, there is a mosque on one side and a church on the other side,” he said, explaining how diverse religions interacted peacefully in Hong Kong.

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